"Personally, I know Els in the first place as a very active and driven personality.
Thanks to her social skills, she puts everyone at ease. I have been working with Els for many years. She is someone who really gets involved in the story of her clients and has a special talent to put all factors together and to solve the puzzle. She won't let go until she finds the missing puzzle piece.

Her studies in human biochemistry, epigenetics, immunology and nutrition help her to identify the problems of her clients and to develop a customized approach.


I witnessed Els helping many clients regain their vitality.


Els illustrates the statement: "If doctors today don't become excellent nutrition and environmental experts, then nutrition and environmental experts will become today's doctors tomorrow."


Dr. Celie



"Els manages to provide both individual coaching and training courses in a highly targeted and scientific way.


She is a very inspiring person who brings everything from the love for the orthomolecular.
Once enchanted by the orthomolecular, this line of approach will never let you go."







"I walked around for more than a year with chronic diarrhea. I visited several doctors, did all sorts of examinations but no one found the cause. My social life was marked by it and I still had little energy. I was very skeptical when I met Els. But with small changes in my diet and various supplements, I have never had diarrhea since the day I followed her guidelines. I have a lot of energy and feel fine. The weekly follow-up of Isabelle is fantastic I never felt alone during this process. Fortunately I gave it a chance and to be honest, it feels like a total REVIVE! "








"For about 10 years I took regular medication as treatment for abnormal blood values, but this pharmacy was not really my thing. That is why I sought help in phyto and orthomolecular therapy. However, in the latter area my knowledge failed. I got to the point that I needed to multiply the regular medication, which would probably have negative side effects, but my belief was that it could be done differently and I kept looking for something... or someone who could help me. I got in contact with Els and it immediately felt like she understood my health issues and had the knowledge to solve them in the most natural possible way. We started a new therapy, a combination of phyto, nutrition and orthomolecular approach, without increasing the regular medication. A few weeks later, the results of my blood analysis seemed stable and 8 weeks later the values were even improved!"









"Els is a warm-hearted and enthusiastic personality. She put me at ease very quickly and I had great confidence in her. With the help of a questionnaire and an intake interview, she was able to quickly put her finger on the wound. Unlike classical medicine Els has a great deal of expertise and had a quick insight into my health problem thanks to her holistic approach. She works with nutritional supplements that do no harm to my body, nor cause addiction or allergic reactions. Els also gave me well-informed information about nutrition that plays an important role in the recovery process. The consistent follow-up by Els has contributed to my health improving dramatically. "








Last year I took the orthomolecular essentials course given by Els Cornelis. I am a yoga teacher and therefore consciously busy with nutrition, I eat healthy and I exercise enough.

Yet I sometimes felt tired and lifeless. As an independent yoga teacher I sometimes experience stress myself, because yoga teachers are not exempt from that either. That of course has an impact on the body. Even though I eat healthy, my body told me there were certain deficiencies despite my healthy diet.

I decided to consult Els and she gave me the appropriate natural supplementation which brought my body back into balance. After 6 months i saw improvement in my blood values and I feel much fitter.


So I can recommend it to everyone!



"I consulted Els because of parasitic bowel infection and additional skin problems. After examining blood and bowel movements, I followed Els's guidelines and adjusted my eating habits. In addition, I took supplementation tailored to my complaints. A few months later, new research confirmed that the infection had disappeared. In addition, my skin problems are also gone. I am already very set up with the result, which ultimately only required some discipline. Thank you Els!"



Door hun professionele aanpak en grote deskundgheid heeft Revive Coaching mij geholpen om me beter in mijn vel te laten voelen. 

De combinatie van voeding, suppletie en lifestyleadvies op maat, afgestemd op mijn bloedanalyse en health screening, heeft goed gewerkt. Ik voel ik fitter, energieker en ben intussen enkele kilo's lichter. Alleen maar voordelen als je het aan mij vraagt! Bedankt Revive Coaching voor het aangename en persoonlijke advies mét resultaat.



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